Knights of Sidonia

Lighting Concept


George Wong

Date, Revisions

Created on 28 September, 2016
Photo shoot on 21 October 2016
Updated 9 July, 2018


Concept for a photo shoot for Knights of Sidonia.


Concept for a photo shoot for Knights of Sidonia.

This one actually led to a successful photo shoot. You can see the results here.


This is one of the reference images from Deviant Art. Author unknown.


Using the illustration, I imagined how i would light my subject for the photo shoot. This involves a bit of reverse engineering and thinking critically about how i would use different sources of light to create a similiar result. Seriously crappy drawing! ;)


Designing the lighting setup is easier after thinking about the concept.


I shot the subject on a black background. I didn't pick any of the ones with a smoke cloud in the background. I decided to use a different background instead. Loads of post processing in place of getting it right in camera.

Image Image

Final result. More over here.