The Division

Lighting Concepts


George Wong

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Created on 28 September, 2016
Updated 9 July, 2018


Concept for a group photo shoot for The Division.


Concept for a group photo shoot for The Division.

I came up with the idea of doing a photo shoot for The Division but it never happened. I didn't want to lose the concept drawings, so I am stashing it here as a reminder. Almost all my conceptual shoots begin with really rough (or crap) drawings like this.

Unfortunately the first game flopped.

The Division 2 was recently announced so maybe there will be another chance to explore this concept.


Many scenes in the game have long, narrow, dark corridor. Perfect for setting ambushes or traps. The game features close quarter combat scenarios where scavengers and operators engage in fire fights. I wanted a dark urban corridor with hard surfaces. This would probably be lit with various light sources including hot lights and strobes. This concept was more about setting the scene and the eerie mood than getting a lot of detail.


This scene involved operators walking away from the camera into a dark tunnel or abyss. I had no idea where we would find a location like this in Sydney that we could use. I thought James Ruse Station and Museum Station would be applicable, but getting filming permits for a public location would be next to impossible, especially in the current geo-political environment. The alternative would be some sort of parking garage or abandoned urban environment. A wide angle shot would be necessary with the vanishing point in the distance. I'd like to set up a row of hard lights on the ceiling and so you get incremental spot lights as the operators moved down the corridor. Maybe set off a few road flares and smoke for spectacular effects!


I borrowed this idea from an illustration from Pay Day 2. 4 operators posing towards the camera but backlit spectacularly to only reveal a silhouette of them, plus maybe a little bit of detail granted by bounced light from reflectos.


This is a long, dark corridor scene as operators explored the area. This was a typical setting in the game. The light at the end of the corridor would probably be day light filtering down the stair case leading up to the surface.