Supanova Sydney

Cosplay, Event


Cosplay, Event


Sydney Olympic Park, NSW Australia


19 June 2016

Equipment & Setup

Canon 6D, Canon 200mm L

Project Summary

Supanova is a pop culture convention that takes place in Australia. This year we faced one of the wettest events ever.


Supanova is a pop culture convention that takes place around the major cities of Australia.

This year only attended for two hours on Sunday largely due to the rain.

I picked the worst day out of the three to go to the convention. The weather was terrible.

Supanova 2016 Supanova 2016

It was fun to catch up with good friends from Brisbane/Canberra this weekend.

This weekend also featured the shortest editing session ever (following a convention) as I only captured like 6 image sets. I did change my workflow somewhat whilst I experimented with colour correction and other adjustment layers in Photoshop.


I met some new faces this year, and captured all of my images outside at the taxi rank. I used the Canon 200mm L largely because i wanted to compress and blur the background. It distinctively separated the foreground, focus plane and background as evident below... my friend Lorenzo photographing some ladies as DC Comic's Harley Quinn. [Image 1]

Supanova 2016

League Of Legends

Maxine portrayed a character from the game League of Legends. [Image 2]

Supanova 2016

Bravely Default

Bianca portrayed Agnes Oblige from the game Bravely Default. [Image 3 | Image 4]

Supanova 2016
Supanova 2016

Fairy Tail

Sophia portrayed Lucy from the manga/anime adaptation of Fairy Tail. [Image 5 | Image 9]

Supanova 2016
Supanova 2016

Assassin's Creed

Joey portrayed a character from the latest Assassin's Creed game. [Image 6]

Supanova 2016

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