Final Fantasy XIII Odin

Cosplay, Strobist


Cosplay, Strobist


Cherrybrook NSW, Australia


23 November 2014

Equipment & Setup

Canon 6D, Sigma 50mm Art, Elinchrom RX4 x2, 55cm beauty dish, a few flash guns, colour gels

Project Summary

Taking pre-judging photographs of William's Captain Thunder Thighs for Madman's National Cosplay Competition, held at Brisbane Supanova next Saturday (29 Nov). This includes the photoshop workflow to one of my edits.


Had the opportunity to photograph the 8-month costume build and winning entree to Madman's National Cosplay Competition to be held next week at Brisbane Supanova. This is A.K. Wirru's Odin, nicknamed "Captain Thunder Thighs". And yes - he won! No small feat given the excellent and highly competitive nature of the finalists!

Click click: George Wong

Assistant: Thai-Tanium Cosplay

Cosplay: AmenoKitarou Wirru

Originally we were just going to do detailed shots of all the costume pieces for the pre-judging but I brought along my smoke machine just for fun.


I don't post my workflow in post very often. Only because I'm not particularly great at photoshop. Here are the steps below from camera raw to final.

Odin workflow


There were some problems with the first image. I didn't quite like the look or feel of the lightning overlay so i reworked a second version. He is meant to be a knight who happens to use thunder, so I'll need to figure out what to do about that lightning in version 3.

Final image is... in the works.

Image 3 (final) is now available, i solved the lightning issue and also added a field of wheat for him to stand on like the Thunder Plains in Final Fantasy X.

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3: Final



This was part of Wirru's submission to the judging panel for the Madman competition. This image below demonstrates the costume's key components including front, side and back views. There is further information regarding his build on Facebook.


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