Cersei Lannister by Zhiana

Cosplay, Photography


Cosplay, Strobist, Photography


Fagan Park, Galston NSW


6 January 2014

Equipment & Setup

Canon 6D, Sigma 85/1.4, Strobes, Lightstands

Project Summary

A one-on-one photoshoot with Madeleine 'Zhiana' Rose at Fagan Park, Galston NSW. Photographs by George Wong on 6 January 2014. Fagan Park is a gorgeous location with many different gardens of different nationalities. Definitely worth going back for location and themed photoshoots. Picking a week day was a good idea, however the weather was rather hot and Zhiana nearly fainted from the heat!

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Map to Fagan Park, Galston NSW

Cersei Lannister is a character from the book / TV adaptation of Game of Thrones. She is a major character in the first, second and third seasons. She is portrayed by starring cast member Lena Headey and debuts in the series premiere. Cersei is the widow of King Robert Baratheon and Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms. She has installed her son Joffrey Baratheon on the Iron Throne under the false claim that he is a legitimate son from her marriage but he is actually the product of her incestuous relationship with her younger twin brother Ser Jaime Lannister.

For this photo shoot I wanted a garden setting for Cersei Lannister. It took a bit of research to track down Fagan Park, Galston NSW and the location was just what we needed for this shoot.

Hair, make up and costume by Zhiana.

1/160s f8 ISO 100. Strobe through white brolly at full power for fill.

Cersei Lannister by Zhiana

1/160s f9 ISO 100. Bare strobe at 1/2 power for fill. Was kind of windy so brollys were not deployed.

Cersei Lannister by Zhiana

1/160s f8 ISO 100. Bare strobe at full power for fill. Second strobe (orange gel) behind her at full power for rim. The sun was really bright and the strobes struggled under these harsh conditions.

Cersei Lannister by Zhiana

1/160s f8 ISO 100. Bare strobe at 1/2 power with sunset gels camera left. Zhiana was a real trooper sitting down for this scene because the cement underneath her had been pre-heated to 40 degrees Celsius by the raging hot Australian sun.

Cersei Lannister by Zhiana

1/160s f8 ISO 200. Strobe at 1/4 power with orange gels as key light, bare strobe at 1/4 power for highlight. In retrospect i want to reshoot this one in studio because the background just doesn't work, and white balance is 'off'. Originally i thought about playing with sunset gels since King's Landing seems to have a lot of afternoon scenes. We tried this at the Chinese Gardens but the harsh afternoon sun was just too darn bright to do it.

Cersei Lannister by Zhiana

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