Adam Taurus by Liam

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Cosplay, Strobist, Photography


Cumberland State Forest, West Pennant Hills NSW


23 December 2013

Equipment & Setup

Canon 6D, Sigma 35/1.4, Strobes, Lightstands

Project Summary

An afternoon session with Liam Patterson at the Cumberland State Forest, West Pennant Hills NSW. Photographs by George Wong on 23 December 2013. I wanted a forest background for this shoot and Cumberland State Forest was a suitable location for this scene. Assisted by Cassandra.
Map to Cumberland State Forest, West Pennant Hills NSW

RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") is an anime-styled American CG-animated web-series created by the Rooster Teeth Productions' animation studio.[1][2][3] The series is created and directed by animator Monty Oum. Episodes are released every Thursday on Rooster Teeth's website and simulcasted on Crunchyroll. One week after release they are also uploaded to YouTube. The first episode of RWBY premiered on July 5, 2013 at RTX 2013 and was released on the Rooster Teeth site on July 18, 2013.

Hair, make up and costume by Liam. Liam is cosplaying Adam Taurus from RWBY.

I used the Sigma 35/1.4 for this shoot as I required more background to fill the frame. I can see why so many cosplay photographers fall in love with the 24/1.4 for environmental shoots. I normally shoot with the Sigma 85/1.4. I love pulling out detail in a cosplay and filling the frame with as much of the cosplayer as possible instead of the background.

At conventions a short telephoto lens is my preferred approach as the background is rarely interesting (if not distracting). In this case, the background is rather important for this location capturing the scene with the 35mm was a suitable choice. The reds stand out against the green background which makes Liam pop-out from the background.

In retrospect i should have opened up the aperture further and used less strobe power, which would enhance the quality of the background blur. The photographs are shot at 1/160s f4-5.6 ISO 200. The challenge i found from this shoot was exposing the background correctly, whilst balancing the foreground using strobes. I definitely need more practice doing this.

Adam Taurus

Adam Taurus by Liam Adam Taurus by Liam Adam Taurus by Liam Adam Taurus by Liam Adam Taurus by Liam Adam Taurus by Liam Adam Taurus by Liam

Liam and Cassandra

Adam Taurus by Liam

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