All Stars Spring Picnic II

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Cars, Personal, Photography


Silverwater Park, Silverwater NSW


14 October 2013

Equipment & Setup

Canon 6D, Sigma 35mm f1.4, Sekonic L308S light metre, white brolly, light stand, Canon 430 EX II, Yong Nuo 560 II.

Project Summary

Learning to photograph a variety of cars in harsh daylight with two flashes. Focusing on different colours, reflectivity and metallic finishing.
Silverwater Park NSW

All Stars Spring Picnic II at Silverwater Park NSW

It was a rather hot, dry, dusty, windy and unpleasant day. Overall it was a success because i learnt something new in car photography. I went to the meet to challenge myself in shooting something I don't normally do. For example the reflectivity of metallic surfaces on vehicle bodies are an interesting thing because it is one consideration that I dont normally have to think about in portraiture. The absorption of light in different hues of paint affect the exposure. The harsh Australian sunlight create other challenges to overcome.

Car photography

Nissan SID3YZ

Camera: 1/160s f/9.0 ISO 100.

Lighting: Bare strobe behind wheel set at 1/32 power at 24mm, bare strobe camera right full power at 50mm.

Car photography

Subaru 571LSH

Camera: 1/160s f/9.0 ISO 100.

Lighting: Similar to above.

Car photography

Toyota 14HKS

Camera: 1/160s f/9.0 ISO 100.

Lighting: Ground strobe 1/2 power, second strobe in front of bumper at 1/4 power.

Car photography

Ford FA57RS

Camera: 1/160s f/7.1 ISO 100.

Lighting: Strobe at 1/8 power in front of vehicle to fill, second strobe as seen in photogaph 1/2 power at 35mm to highlight driver's seat.

Car photography


Camera: 1/160s f/4.0 ISO 100.

Lighting: Natural light.

Car photography

Mitsubishi YHW09J

Camera: 1/160s f/9.0 ISO 50.

Lighting: Strobe behind vehicle full power at 105mm, strobe under front bar full power at 24mm.

Car photography

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