University of New England

Interior Architecture, Photography


University of New England campus at 211 & 232 Church Street, Parramatta CBD, Australia

Duration, Date

2 days, 25 & 28 March 2013

Equipment & Setup

Canon 6D, Sigma 35mm f1.4, Canon 430EXII Flash, Sony RX100, Tripod, Light Stand, White Umbrella

Project Summary

Photography of exterior heritage facade; interior rooms including technology centre, lecture halls, offices, CISCO teleconferencing rooms and corridor spaces. Photographs taken at University of New England's new campus in Parramatta. Photos used for marketing and promotion of the new campus in a variety of print and digital media / advertisements.

Launch UNE website

Refurbished Building at 211 Church Street, Parramatta

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Lecture Theatre

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Public Access Areas

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CISCO Teleconferencing System


On the UNE Parramatta campus website

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The interior panoramas turned out great for their website!


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