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George Wong

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Created on 16 December, 2015


ESRI ArcMap 10.1+


This is a quick tutorial on the Buffer Wizard tutorial. I had to use it for creating a 10 metre buffer for the 1 in 100 flood event featureclass.


This is a quick tutorial to the Buffer Wizard tool in ESRI ArcMap 10.1. I had to use it for creating a 10 metre buffer for the 1 in 100 flood event featureclass.

There is the standard [Proximity > Buffer] tool in the ArcGIS Toolbox, but another proximity tool called "Buffer Wizard" is hidden in the [Customize Toolbars > Commands] interface.

This is the standard buffer analysis interface:

The issue I found was that it couldn't create a proximity buffer with an offset distance that was inside AND outside the boundary of the target polygon. So in the screenshot below I wanted to create a buffer inside and outside the perimetre of the polygon, similar to an existing buffer in that feature class, but the standard [Proximity > Buffer] tool would only do the outside boundary, or fill the entire polygon as a solid.

My colleague suggested using [Buffer Wizard] instead which would replicate our 1-in-100 buffer distance layer. The tool is hidden under a few interfaces.

Go to the Customize Toolbar interface, then select the Command Tab. Type in the text 'buffer' and navigate to the tools, then select [Buffer Wizard...].

Drag the icon onto one of your existing tool bars. In the illustration below I dragged it to the [Standard] toolbar.

Go through the prompts. You'll notice that it has features the [Proximity > Buffer] tool doesn't have. You can't use this one with Model Builder though.

Results: Success!

The last step is simply to merge all the polygons to the existing dataset and clean up any gaps in the feature class or scratch disks, and then the job is done.

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