Guild Wars 2: Charr Guardian

I started playing Guild Wars 2 again. This time I will try to complete Path of Fire and the Living Seasons! So I tell myself.

I bought this game years ago and I lost interest before the end of the story campaign. I juggled between my existing Warrior and Necromancer, but then decided to start a new character. This time I went with a Charr Guardian.

Boosting the character to level 80 meant that I could jump straight into the end game activities. I still had to farm up skill points to unlock elite specialisations. This was done a few nights ago following a public Heroic Point (HP) train in the Crystal Desert. This net me roughly 300 skill points to fully unlock the Dragon Knight elite specialisation. Next week I should follow a HP train in the Maguuma Jungle to completely unlock the Firebrand elite specialisation.

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