Against The Gods: Mu Xuanyin

Best girl finally added to the harem. <3

“Then you may go,” Mu Xuanyin said. “During this period of time, there should be many things that you need to do, so there’s no need for you to stay in the Snow Song Realm.”

“...” Yun Che stood up, but he did not reply or take his leave.
“...?” Mu Xuanyin did not turn around but her icy brows knit together slightly.

Yun Che started to move, but he was moving forward instead of backwards. He and Mu Xuanyin were already in very close proximity to each other, so with two short steps, he was already right behind Mu Xuanyin. After that, he spread his arms wide and enfolded her in a gentle hug.

“...!!?” Mu Xuanyin’s entire body rapidly stiffened… She forgot to struggle, forgot how to speak, as panic and confusion instantly appeared in her icy eyes.

Both his hands clasped Mu Xuanyin’s waist and his upper body was tightly pressed against her jade back. Yun Che closed his eyes as he greedily breathed in the scent that belonged to her alone. As he felt that dreamy smell of ice and snow flow straight from his nose to the core of his being, he whispered, “Xuanyin, I’ll be sending off Senior Devil Emperor in a few days, so why don’t you accompany me during that time?” He did not call her “Master”, but “Xuanyin”.

To directly address one’s master by name was truly an outrageous and disgraceful thing to do.

“...” She still did not struggle free or blast Yun Che away. Instead, Mu Xuanyin simply stood there, rigid and motionless, her chest heaving in an incomparably violent manner. Her vision had gone blurry and she could sense nothing beyond the tight hug and his voice.

“How about it?” Yun Che asked again. The arms that encircled her waist were slowly and quietly tightening… and even then she still had not pushed him away. Yun Che’s heart and soul fell into a dream-like world, a fantasy that he never wanted to wake up from.

The reply that came from her lips was the haziest and softest sound she had made in her entire life.

Yun Che gave a faint smile. Her icy and fairy-like body clearly overflowed with the coldest of auras, but right now it caused his body to tremble with an incredibly bizarre and intoxicating sense of warmth.

“I also want… to bring you to see my parents,” Yun Che said in an even softer voice. “We won’t be in the God Realm there, so you won’t be the Snow Song Realm King or my Master, you will only be you… Is that alright?”

“...” Mu Xuanyin had not agreed but she had not rejected him either.

The world descended into a long silence and the two people did not speak but they also did not disentangle their bodies. In an atmosphere that was becoming even more delicate with every passing breath, the entire place seemed to be frozen in time… and it remained like that for a very long time. Chapter 1511, Source

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