Against The Gods: Stupid Che

It's getting ridiculously difficult to read this novel as the author is making the protagonist extremely stupid. What happened to the grand plots, schemes and intelligence in the first 500 chapters? Now he can't even see the intrigue, plots and threats coming his way.

It is truly frustrating that these deadly threats are completely oblivious to the protagonist. His cultivation is so low compared to the other God Children from three years ago, and yet he thinks no one won't dare to kill him. He has created so many reasons for people to kill him, and he's actually died, reincarnated / resurrected, and yet still so oblivious to the truth! Power is everything. He needs overwhelming power to ensure security and apply his will on others. His first wife Xia Quinyue keeps trying to remind him that no talisman can protect him until his own power becomes a deterrent and his response is "it shouldn't be as bad as this right?"

ARRGGGH Quingyue just break his legs and seal his cultivation!!! Make him repent his stupidity!

I keep reading because I want to know the conclusion to these plots. But I can't read these patiently anymore. I'll skip ahead a few dozen chapters because dumb Che is probably going to meet a bad end and come out alive because of plot armor anyway.

“In this world, there are many things that can happen even if you think they’re impossible. This is especially… true in regards to what the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor wants to do. Whether she wants to do good or evil, whether she wants to treat you well or not, everything is completely up to her and not you. The initiative will always belong to her!”

“So, right now she is indeed your protective talisman, but she is a talisman that can disappear at any time. If this talisman truly does disappear, what will come after that are the incomparably enormous side effects.”

Xia Qingyue’s voice sank slightly, each of her words solemn and grave, “The moment you do not have this talisman called the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, you will only be Yun Che then. But who are the people who came to the Snow Song Realm to see you, and bowed and scraped before you today? There were the realm kings of upper star realms, god emperors of king realms! If there comes a day where you become just Yun Che, then the bowing and scraping they did to curry favor with a junior profound practitioner, who was born in the lower realms, would become the shame of their lives!”

“...” Yun Che could clearly remember Jasmine saying similar words to him back then. He replied, “So this is what you meant when you said that my situation is very dangerous?”

“It’s far more than this,” Xia Qingyue’s beautiful eyes unconsciously glanced to the west as she gloomily said, “you need to understand, it is indeed very difficult for anyone in your generation to reach your level of cultivation, but the plane you have come in contact with is truly far too high. If someone who hated you stretched out their hands against you without thinking of the consequences… then nobody will be able to preserve your life in time.”

“It shouldn’t be as bad as this right?” Yun Che’s brows furrowed as he said, “If we were to talk about the person who hates me the most in the God Realm, it would be that madwoman Luo Guxie, but no matter what, she would not risk Senior Jie Yuan’s wrath to come and kill me right?” Chapter 1469, Source

Maybe he's been hit on the head so many times and have become so stupid that he hasn't realised he cannot beat the realm kings without external power. Heck he can't even beat his own Snow Song Realm King. It's truly unbelievable that the protagonist of this story is rapidly declining and becoming the dumbest person in the room.

Yang Kai in Martial Peak is a much better protagonist. He plans meticulously, doesn't rely on external powers, and builds up his own power and wealth to create security for his family and friends. He has multiple trump cards and never allows his enemies to get the opportunity to exploit his weaknesses. It's heaven and earth in terms of character development! After I finish ATG, i'm probably going back to Martial Peak!

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