Against The Gods: Died Again?

RIP Yun Che, the stupid MC has died again foolishly. But plot armor will kick in and he'll revive again somehow. He's really the worst as all the women, sect, friends and family waiting on him will be driven to despair again.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor had also turned towards the Star God Emperor before asking a sudden question, “Where is Yun Che?”

“...” The Star God Emperor answered listlessly, “The Evil Infant’s power is sufficient to wipe out all of our Star Guards, so how… could he possibly survive the attack?”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor fell silent for a long time before he let out a long sigh. It was true that the Evil Infant had nearly destroyed the entire Star God Realm, and even the slightest brush with the shockwave would turn the likes of Yun Che to dust.

Although the Eternal Heaven God Emperor was prepared for this answer, his heart still ached in pain and lamentation at the loss of Yun Che Chapter 1352, Source

Mu Xuanyin, Snow Song's Realm King is really the best character in the series. I love her. A smart, intelligent, beautiful woman and Yun Che's master. What's more important is that she gets things done like no other character in the novel.

Mu Xuanyin gritted her teeth a little tighter. “Insignificant disciple of the Snow Song Realm?... True. Maybe he really is a lowly, humble, and young profound practitioner to you god emperors… and no matter how outstanding he turned out to be, he will always be insignificant in your eyes… But did you know… did you know…”

Her chest heaved heavily as she spoke, “You destroyed Yun Che… the most important person… in my life… and so I will destroy your god emperor power in return… and let you know what pain truly means!!” Chapter 1355, Source

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