Against The Gods: Shen Xi & Yun Che

If there is one thing this novel hasn't stopped doing is increasing Yun Che's harem, whether he intends to increase it or not. Technically he already has four wives at this point, but there is at least four other ladies in waiting.

Yun Che now cuckoos the Dragon Monarch. This is about to get awkward. The Dragon Monarch is the strongest power in the Western Divine Region! The four goddesses waiting on him in the upper realm powerhouses include Xia Quin Yue of Moon God Realm, Princess Jasmine and Princess Cai Zhi of the Star God Realm and the Dragon Queen Shen Xi of the Dragon Monarchy.

“Yun Che,” she softly cooed, that sweet and gentle voice seeming to come from some distant celestial realm, “yesterday, you pushed me down on the bed and sullied my body, robbing me of my chastity and my vital yin… In that case, have you ever thought of owning me and making me forever yours alone?”

The dazed He Ling’s beautiful eyes widened, and following that, her pretty face immediately lost all of its color as if she did not dare to believe her own ears at all… as if she did not dare to believe any word she had just heard.

“...” Yun Che’s throat made a loud gulping sound. Chapter 1317, Source

Friend zoned for 350,000 years. Pity the dragon monarch!

“Exactly what kind of relationship… do you and the Dragon Monarch have? If… it isn’t what it looks like… then why are you called the ‘Dragon Queen’?”

Shen Xi did not try to hide anything, she merely said in a cool voice, “It was only by bestowing me the title of ‘Dragon Queen’ that he allowed me to stay in this place in peace and quiet for so many years. This could be considered a form of repayment to me and it is something I wished for. However, in my eyes, the Dragon Monarch, from the beginning until now, has always been a… junior.”

“Ju… nior?” This reply stunned both Yun Che and He Ling.

“Three hundred and fifty thousand years ago, when I met him for the first time, he was even younger than you are, he should have been no more than twenty years back then,” Shen Xi slowly recounted her tale. “At that time, he had been harmed by his own race and he was thrown into a barren wasteland. His entire body was crippled and he could not even see or speak, he merely waited for his death in despair.”

“At that time, the sight of him aroused my compassion, so I saved him and I used light profound energy to help him restore his eyes and his tongue, and I even helped rebuild his meridians and profound veins.” Chapter 1318, Source

Just a theory on the story so far as i don't want to spoil it by looking it up, by deduction Shen Xi may have lived during the age of the True Gods, and given her identity and divine knowledge of all the secrets Yun Che held, she did not harbor any thoughts of stealing them or harming him, means that she may have been a servant or waifu of the Heretic God. The Azure Dragon, Ice Phoenix, Golden Crow, Divine Phoenix and Vermillion Bird all held reverance to the Heretic God.

She recognised Hong'er when she popped out of Yun Che, and Hong'er originated from the Profound Primordial Ark, that was a relic of the age of True Gods. The Sword God clan protected Hong'er, their princess, untill their last guardian spirit. Their mission was to jump all over the realms looking for the carrier of the Sky Poison Pearl, and at the last moment Yun Che appeared. He cleanses the Myriad Tribulation Poison that was killing Hong'er using the Sky Poison Pearl.

Hong'er's critical characteristic was her profound light energy as a 'devil slaying sword', which means that Shen Xi probably had a connection to the Sword God clan as a profound light user. She might have even wielded devil slaying swords in the age of True Gods, before Hong'er was sealed in the Eternity Coffin, given her intimate connection with Hong'er. The Sword God clan was the first to be wiped out by the devils, after the Creation God of Life Li Suo, was killed by the devils whom hated profound light energy.

“If there is a day that you can surpass the heights that the Dragon Monarch has scaled, then you will naturally know everything as well. What you can do and what you must do. It is only if you do this that you will never need to fear the covetous gazes of other people any longer. It is only then that you will also no longer need to be afraid of the slightest thing and truly face the Dragon Monarch with no fear or guilt.”

“As someone who bears the power of a Creation God and the…” Shen Xi’s voice suddenly came to a halt before she continued, “This is karma that you cannot escape from.” Chapter 1318, Source

Shen Xi stated that she thought light energy no longer existed due to this world's taint, and that she was training He Ling to use it, but discovered that even a Royal wood spirit had no control over profound light energy. Yun Che shocked her by displaying control of light energy in chapters 1317-1318. Yun Che gained profound light energy by having sexual intercourse with Shen Xi. She may have intentionally done it with Yun Che because of Yun Che's heretic god inheritance. It seems Shen Xi was shackled to the Forbidden Land of Samsarra, so she needed a power boost to escape her binds. Similarly Yun Che having sex with his wives and ladies gave both partners a significant boost to their profound strength.

“Senior Shen Xi, tell me this one thing first. Is there a way for me to get rid of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark quicker, and if there is, what is it?” Yun Che asked. With the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark still in his body, what Qianye or Dragon Monarch… he basically did not have any spare effort to waste thinking about them.

Shen Xi replied in a cool voice, “Dual cultivate with me.”

Yun Che was immediately struck dumb, “Eh…”

“However, since you are able to create and manipulate light profound energy, that will also greatly shorten the amount of time it will take.”

Shen Xi turned around and walked towards the bamboo house that only one outsider, Yun Che, had ever stepped inside before. After that, she said, “Follow me.”

Yun Che paused for a moment before he followed behind Shen Xi and left He Ling quietly standing in her original spot as she remained completely dumbfounded for a long time. Chapter 1319, Source

Well that was blunt. LOL

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