Falling Out Of Love For Cosplay Photography

2014 was a golden age of cosplay photography. I had a lot of fun at the time. I made lots of new friends which was also a highlight. Then later several incidents in the Australian cosplay community made me extremely angry, disappointed, upset and annoyed. Eventually i stopped doing cosplay photography.

Australian conventions also became increasingly hostile towards amateur photographers. Using large studio strobes was my specialty and I faced obstacles at every event, and I was treated with contempt and disdain. I was spending ridiculous amounts of time, money and effort, trying to create something awesome or fun, but it was met with ridicule.

Afterwards I stopped attending the convention circuit. Instead I started a photography business, and made money with my skills. This toxic experience made me rethink my priorities and attitude towards a hobby I loved. I refused to work for free, whilst others used my contributions for their own personal financial gain.

At that point photography became my occupation, and it was no longer considered a hobby or for fun.

2020, journal