I bought two copies of Anthem for $5 each at EB Games. I gave one copy to Roob. I'm willing to try again for $5 but I wouldn't even dream of touching this game at a higher price point given all the bad publicity.

I got attached to the Colossus. It feels like Iron Man's Hulk Buster. I managed to obtain several Gear Score 80 Legendary Autocannons, which made the experience incredible from Level 10-Level 30. Even increasing the difficulty up to Grand Master 1, I could keep up with the other experienced veterans. At Grand Master 2+ my armor and shield isn't sufficient and die very quickly.

Unsurprisingly there isn't a lot of player activity in this game so eventually I'll have to lay the game to rest. But for $5 I've got enough hours out of the game to be satisfied until Anthem 2.0 (65 hours as of September 2020).

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