@Voice TTS Reader

I just bought @Voice TTS Reader on the Google Store. The license was A$6.49. A small price to pay for removing advertisements. I have 5000+ chapters of Martial Peak to read and EPUB readers I have can't do HTML files well.

With @Voice all i have to do is to open the app, then go to Comrade Mao and select all text on a chapter, then copy, and then @Voice will take over and start reading out loud the copied text.

This saves me the trouble of trying to copy the translated text into Sigil and then creating an EPUB file.

Right I also figured out how to get rid of the ads in Google Chrome. There is a fork of Google Chrome called Kiwi Browser, which allows Chrome extensions to be installed. But more relevant is the fact that Kiwi Browser comes built in with an ad remover function. So I'm able to block all of the data wasting ads on Comrade Mao when loading Martial Peak.

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