The Future Is Uncertain

I've hit a bottleneck in my career, and I feel trapped in the local government work space. I think it's time to think about change. Technology is changing and this place isn't evolving or adapting to the future. I feel like I'm falling behind simply by staying in my current role.

I've looked at studying options in New Zealand and possibly going on a new adventure. I don't mind if I leave the GIS space altogether. I have not been happy living in Sydney, and every time I look at my future, I feel like there is no hope living in this city. It's large, congested, expensive and lonely. Probably the reason holding me back from buying a home in this city is the despair, dread and misery of being trapped in this place. I was only working in the Hawkesbury to save up for a home deposit. Now I have more than enough for a deposit, I didn't commit to the idea of investing the next 15-30 years in this city.

I don't like the idea of wasting my 30-40s in a holding pattern but it is what it is. The circumstances of living in Sydney means I cannot aspire to the things I want due to outrageous costs and limited opportunities. I'll need to cultivate new skills, assessing new opportunities, and commit to it once I have a plan of action. Doing nothing is not good for my mental health. Other Australian cities are not much better. I will seek opportunities overseas like my brother.

2020, journal