Pelican Case 1560SC

So I need a bag or case to move my new Cougar QBX computer. I bought a toolbag from Bunnings but it doesn't protect the Cougar QBX from vibrations, shocks or the weather. And it's a pretty hefty thing to move around with just the sling over my shoulder. I also found out this morning that I scratched the side panel with one of the toolbag's internal zippers. Annoying! The only way to fix it is to respray the panel!

The dimensions of the Cougar QBX is roughly 400mm x 290mm x 180mm. Finding a backpack to slot in something of that size was a challenge. Now I'm thinking of going with a Pelican roller-case.

The Pelican 1560SC has been on my radar for a long time but I never bought one because of the price. Even when I had studio lights and camera gear I didn't buy a Pelican case to put my stuff in. I might actually do it with my new Mini ITX build. It should fit in the case and I can pad the inside with foam. It'll also have room for accessories and cables.

I think I'll get the case with laptop sleeves and padding. As I won't exclusively use the Pelican for the Cougar QBX, and I may want to use it for other things like my studio lights and camera equipment in future. Plus foam 'pick-n-pluck' foam is $20 a piece from Clark's Rubber. It's completely overpriced from Pelican direct.

There is a warehouse in Taylor's Beach that has plenty of stock and appear to be the cheapest. I might order one and go for a drive next week. They unfortunately don't open on weekends.

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