IGN Select Games Award Night

I won tickets to IGN Select Games Award Night, held at the Marquee, Star Casino, Pyrmont. I invited Nick to go with me, as we've gone every year since I've become aware of such an event. The night usually involves drinks, finger food, testing new games and watching the awards ceremony.

This year they've moved the event into the Star Casino which was convenient as there is a Light Rail Station beneath the venue, and you can take the tram from Central Station.

Inside the Marquee I recognised Gabby, Dan and Maddie immediately. Nick and I didn't stay around the lounge, instead we went straight to the stage at the back where the games are supposed to be, but told that the games were not available as the organisers were using the back stage to prepare the awards ceremony.

We waited for the awards ceremony to finish, and then went right in to try the games on the Lenovo laptops.

Nick and I got to play Mortal Kombat 11, Ape Out and Darksiders Genesis. I was hooked on all of them. Ape Out was the stand out game though. Both Nick and I tried our hardest to play this game but we were completely beaten.

Later I found out I already own Ape Out on Epic as it was free on 1 January 2020. I'll be installing that game this weekend! I'll get the other games because they were fun too. Darksiders Genesis was a blast in Co-Op.

The last game we didn't get to try but looked interesting was Iron Harvest 1920. It looked like Company of Heroes 2, but set in a different world where forces deployed steampunk machinery. The demo appeared to be an alpha.

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