Drawn Expression 5.0

Drawn Expression was my first blog. I kept my journal between late 2001 till around 2008. I used it as a way to vent my frustrations and anger. In 2009 I started using Wordpress. Wordpress was the latest craze in web design but I didn't want to put my blog online. I hosted Wordpress locally but it ended in disaster. I lost most of my SQL database trying to migrate my database. At the time my experience with SQL was not great and I didn't even try to recover it. Much of the content between 2009-2011 was just gone.

Drawn Expression version 5

I used to keep entries by the month. All of the entries for that month would go into a single web page. I didn't take many pictures on my blog either. This was because my free webhosts didn't allow for much bandwidth or stoage capacity.

A lot of code was also butchered from other websites.... it was just how I learnt to code. I copied examples of the source code from websites I liked, and then tweaked it until it suited my purposes.

The website at the time was driven entirely on HTML2 or HTML3, with a mix of CSS / Javascripts. I have no idea why the fonts were so small. I guess the resolution at the time was intended to be 1024 x 768 pixels.

Honestly I had no idea where i put it until recently. And upon inspection the whole website came in under 50 megabytes. But I dont think i'll try to integrate the content into my current website. That's a lot of work and much of the content is private.

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