Lunar New Year With Family

This year's lunar new year was spent with my cousins (Edwin & Patrick) and their parents, wives (Vivian & Gigi) and children (Issac, Charlotte & Atticus).

We had dinner last night in the city. Then as per Chinese tradition my cousins came to our home to give their well wishes as my parents are their 'elders'. I took the opportunity to take some photos.

Initially I couldn't decide what lens and lighting i should use but with such young children running around I didn't want to create unnecessary trip hazards.

I ended up going with the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 and Canon 430 EXII. I should have kept this combo for Hong Kong.

Patrick, Gigi and their son Atticus

Edwin, Vivian and their children Issac & Charlotte

Family Portraits

Issac, Charlotte, Atticus



The children grow up fast. Atticus might be a teenager the next time I see him!

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