Blogging Change

I made massive changes to the website on the back end, which I somewhat abandoned over the past year.

I started blogging on my phone early 2019. But then I encountered a problem trying to backup my content. It became apparent that there was no easy way to retrive the content saved in the mobile app I was using.

The cloud backup files were not readable without a replacement phone and there was a risk of losing everything, especially attachments and imagery, which was not backed up in the cloud.

It's sort of the same reason I didn't take a liking to Wordpress and other database driven content management systems. I much prefer blogging the old fashioned way - notepad++ in HTML. I admit it's cumbersome but i have been blogging this way since 1997.

It reminds me that I have several websites from the past that needs to be integrated with my current website. Something I've neglected to do because I know it takes a massive chunk of time.

This website has also evolved since inception in 2013. Initially it was my portfolio, then it became a distribution channel for my photography work, and now it's back to being a personal website.

I'm somewhat reluctant to merge the old content though, as I was a different person back then. Immature, impulsive, suicidal and depressed. No one else needs to see my inner monologue and self-destruction.

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