Back Home In Sydney

I had two breakfasts on the plane! I figured that if the plane was empty they would definitely have leftovers. Don't let airplane food go to waste!

Seems like a beautiful morning over Sydney.

We got through Australian immigration surprisingly quickly. I didn't know you just stick your passport into a machine instead of going to an attended gate.

All our baggage came out promptly too. I really love my multi-coloured cat suit case! It's so easy to spot on the conveyor belt.

The customs official just waved us through the checkpoint. It looks like they take into consideration your previous declarations as he only looked at his computer and then asked a few simple questions.

Outside the airport we boarded a private shuttle to return home.

On arrival I inspected the lawn outside the home. Dad previously used weed killer on the lawn, so now I can confirm it's totally dead.

Once inside I pretty much passed out on the sofa and fell asleep.

2019, journal