Flight To Sydney

Six weeks in Hong Kong came and gone. It feels like I went to another home instead of a holiday.

The only thing that's become clear to me is that I don't fit in to the Hong Kong way of life. Apart from most of my extended family living in this city there aren't any other attachments for me. The only thing I'm impressed with is the broadband speed, but that is not enough to feel a sense of belonging.

The language barrier is also great for me as I don't have a good grasp of Chinese. I can communicate in Cantonese but I struggle with reading comprehension and writing.

In the scramble to pack I left some notes on how to use the PC in my room. I don't know who would use it in the future but it should be sufficient to get started. The PC is setup to go after removing the plastic covering and plugging the power cable in.

I spent a great deal of time setting up Windows 10 and configuring it to my liking.

Even without activation the machine should work.

I also put Ubuntu Desktop in but it'll take an advanced user to get into the bios and access the boot options. The only one I know who can do that is Aunt Jane.

Hong Kong International Airport

The security is tight at the airport. After the previous incidents where rioters blockaded the airport they have beefed up the security and prevent anyone without a valid boarding pass or employee credentials to get inside the airport.

All you need is to show your boarding pass and passport at the security checkpoint.

We got through customs with little trouble. But i set off the metal detector again because i left my keys in my wallet.

Our plane was empty. Like less than 1/3 of the plane's seats were occupied. Many passengers found a 4 seat row to sleep.

I couldn't sleep at all because of a crying child. It was the worst. I'm definitely getting myself a pair of noise cancellation headphones!

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