Cat Dad Again

I decided to meet up with Eldwin before i left. We picked Yoho Mall at 1pm.

This time I didn't get lost at Yoho Mall. Pamela also came along. We went to a Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup restaurant. Afterwards Eldwin drove to Johnny's housing estate. We unpacked the car and delivered the leftover items and painting to the apartment.

First duty of the day was cleaning the kitty litter. Milk Tea decided to do a big one whilst I was cleaning her tray. Thanks Milk Tea. No shame at all.

Milk Tea and Coffee then had a fight over who gets to be lap cat today. I had Coffee on my right and Milk Tea on my left. Coffee had really mellowed out, no longer evading from my hand when i attempted to interact with her.

She actively sought for affection, guiding my hand to where she wants to be petted. She really liked slow massages over her head, neck and back. She's still somewhat sensitive around her face/chin.

Coffee walked over me to wrestle with Milk Tea. Milk Tea immediately went into a submissive stance but fought back. You know they are playing around because neither of them showed any aggression.

Round 2, fight behind my head.

Looks like Milk Tea lost interest in the fight, so Coffee won.

I've been CHOSEN!!!!

Oof a cat on my lap was one thing. When she climbed and sat on my stomach that was too much.

The two cats made up quickly.

Milk Tea is goofy. But she soon dozed off. Wow.

After a while Coffee dozed off too. She was like the Sphinx.

I didn't know how to get up without waking Coffee so i stayed like this for several hours.

Eventually I couldn't hold it anymore and went to the loo. Coffee followed me like a shadow.

I went home after 9pm. I was reluctant but I enjoyed the time I spent with my brother's cats.

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