Big Family Dinner

I was invited to a big family dinner at Julia and Paul's home in Mid Levels. It may be the last time I get to see the view as they are moving. The apartment was allocated to Paul from the government of Hong Kong for his service. So after he retires the apartment has to be returned to the government.

Aunt Peggy came to pick me up in Sha Tin. They came in the Maserati and I got to enjoy the comfort of riding in a top of the line sports car again. Damn I want one!

At Julia's place I got to chat Edmond. We have not had the chance to talk in 10+ years even though we felt comfortable enough to get straight into trivial things.

Ronny's family came later and I get to see his little girl Nadia again. She just finished watching Frozen 2 in the afternoon and was super hyped.

Aunt / Uncle 3 had already arrived. They lived nearby and had a headstart on the family dinner preparations. And when they were free, they spent the time on a popular Chinese game on their phones.

A group dinner photo.

I'm told these are Adian and Nadia's pet turtles. They are here at Julia's place whilst Ronny's family is going on a trip. You can see the shells sticking out.

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