Cat Dad

Went to Shum Shui Po to have lunch with Aunt 2, Aunt & Uncle 3, Aunt Peggy & Uncle Paul.

Then i travelled to Yuen Long by MTR.

Saw new sights in Yoho Mall. Got extraordinary lost.

Took the shuttle from Yoho Mall to the housing estate.

The cats were meowing loudly when I walked in to the apartment. I came by to check on them and clean their kitty litter, replenish their water and interact.

Can i have some privacy in the loo?

This is the first time I've interacted with Coffee so she was wary of me but did not hide under the sofa immediately. I coaxed her out with some treats and let her know my hands were not a threat. She still ducked away when I tried to scratch her chin/face/head. This will take time.

Eventually I lay on the sofa to watch TV. Coffee voluntarily got close to me and sat next to me on the sofa. We stayed like this for a while. This was progress!

Milk Tea was indifferent and spent most of the afternoon in her usual spot in front of the TV.

I stayed till dinner time when the dispenser went off and the cats scrambled to their feeding trough.

I didn't stay over though. I had to be in Sha Tin to oversee renovation work in our apartment. I took the shuttle back to Yoho Mall and then got on the 269D. Then there was a wait at the Shing Mun Tunnel Bus Interchange Terminal for the 49X back to Sha Tin.

2019, journal