Hong Kong Harbour, Private Yacht

Today I'm meeting Uncle Paul for a cruise of Hong Kong harbour.

Paul's yacht is named the "Zephyr". This is his third boat and it's a beautiful water craft. Conditions were mild and the cruise was quite relaxing.

We met up at 11:30 at Causeway Bay's World Trade Centre, then we walked to the Yacht Club and had lunch.

As the boat's moored some distance away from the piers, we took a ferry over to the "Zephyr". Embarking and disembarking was a bit tricky but the important thing was to get your footing right and don't fall overboard.

We started from Causeway Bay and headed west to see Admirality and Central's harbour foreshore, then U-turned and headed east towards Kowloon Bay to see the wharf terminal. At that point the weather looked a bit dodgy, so we turned back to Causeway Bay to finish up the cruise.

I do enjoy a cruise. Wouldn't mind getting one myself in Australia, and going out exploring/fishing.

Maps were done quick and nasty in QGIS 3.10. Didn't know how to do annotations nicely.

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