Johnny & Kim's Wedding - Reception

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The final component of the day. In reality the only component that was important was the exchange of vows, the rings and the signing of the marriage certificate. That would only take 15 minutes. The rest of the day was exhibition.

The reception took place at The One. We had 21 tables on the night. Although if we shuffled the seats properly we could cram everyone into 20 tables.

I have to say this. The restaurant's service staff were some of the rudest people I've ever encountered at a wedding. I was astonished! Despite the price per table, the restaurant waiters on the night had TERRIBLE attitude to our family and guests.

I still question why my mother tipped them so much. Their performance certainly did not deserve it. Tips are OPTIONAL. The restaurant manager seems to have misled my mother in to thinking that it was mandatory regardless of their service performance.

The restaurant staff also stuffed up the tables on the night, so reception guests were completely confused with the chaotic arrangement. It was utterly embarrassing.

We decorated several tables with flowers, photographs and confectionary.

Spent most of my time at the entrance. But i was quite useless here since I couldn't read Chinese.

The main event soon came. Kim and her father walked in and handed her over to my brother. Then the exchange of vows, the rings and the signing of the marriage certificate began.

A few group photographs.

Unsurprisingly the Sony RX100 struggled in the low light environment. I wished I had my Canon 6D + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 + strobes, but it was too bulky, heavy and inconvenient to carry around all day.

The rest will just have to come from the wedding videographer / photographer.

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