Johnny & Kim's Wedding - Morning

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I didn't get many photos of my brother's wedding. This was unfortunate. But I'm a groomsman today, not a photographer, so my role was different.

Most of my photos were happy snaps, and almost none taken by the reception.

My brother and I got up in the morning and had breakfast at the Mira Hotel. The food was fine. It was a good day. I had a good chuckle when the chefs in the kitchen had a screaming match.

After breakfast we went back to our rooms to get changed. Eldwin and the other Johnny picked us up at 7am.

We travelled by Eldwin's car to Tsuen Wan, where Kim's parents lived, to pick up the bride and her party.

We waited around on the street until the bride was ready. Plus we couldn't loiter upstairs as the apartment was small.

My brother looked damn good.

The photographers arrived and we started getting our photos taken on the street.

We horsed around a bit more.

Some group photos.

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