I dont know why EA gave me a free month of Origin Access, so may as well give Anthem a go. I was thinking if it goes back on sale for $5 i'll snag it... but i can probably finish it in 10 hours!

Installed it. Launch. Fail.

Verify install files. Fail.

Redownload and install. Fail.

Finally find out that there are dependencies that Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 'N' didn't have that the game requires. These are the Media Feature Packs that the 'N' version does not install automatically. Getting the right version of this stuff installed requires updating Windows 10 to the latest patch, then getting it from the Optional Features part of Windows Update.

Basically it was a clusterfuck trying to get Anthem working and i still don't know if the game is worth my time. 20 minutes into the introduction and i had fallen asleep a few times.

Thankfully the internet is fast. So 77GB was downloaded within two hours.

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