Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Bought Call of Duty Infinite Warfare last week from Steam during Black Friday. I'm much happier in this game compared to Call of Duty World War II.

I only just realised that the two games are made by different studios. WWII is made by Sledgehammer Games, whilst Infinite Warfare was made by Infinity Ward.

Everything seems to feel right in this game. Controls, combat, story telling, music, sounds, atmosphere and pacing.

This game is also cutscene heavy. Infantry combat is great. I love the assault rifles in this game.

Getting into the fighter jets have to be a highlight. Compared to the Sherman Tanks in World War II these birds fly like a dream. The controls are amazing and intuitive. Like what the heck happened with World War II? Why didn't they just use the same control interfaces?

I'm not even halfway through the game and I haven't felt any frustrations in the single player campaign (yet).

Both main characters are amazing. Their dialogue bounce back and forth perfectly between scenes.

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