Call of Duty World War II

Obtained Call of Duty World War II from Humble Bundle a few months ago. Played only the single player story campaign. Max graphics 1080p 60fps on the GTX1660 Super.

This game is cutscene heavy. Infantry combat for the most part is OK. Enjoyed using bolt action rifles. Sniper rifles were probably the best.

But i really struggled with the controls of this game, and in more than one instance, died to buttons you had to press during a scripted scene. I hate Quick-Time-Events. It adds zero immersion to a scene and only infuriates me. Mash F to block a knife? Fuck that.

When you get to the Sherman tank mission, it becomes an infuriating cluster **** as you fight the controls to get the turret to swivel. Apparently when you turn the turret beyond a certain angle, it starts turning the vehicle as well, especially on mouse + KB. The tank mission becomes unplayable for me. I don't think i've gotten so angry with a COD game.

Fucking hell.

The campaign up to the tank mission was mediocre. I want to get to the end but this is as far as I go.

I don't think i've rage quit a game in a while. After my attempts at fighting the terrible controls for the Sherman tanks I uninstalled it. The game was giving me a headache and I don't have the patience anymore.

Couldn't even use a game trainer because the game is VAC anti-cheat enabled. Often i get around frustrating controls or game design by brute forcing it, using game mods, trainers etc. It's a shame but I'm done with the game.

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