Versatile Mage, Chapters 294-424

Went on a Versatile Mage binge last night. Read over 120 chapters straight off Youtube. The scene translated manga sites are behind by about 100 chapters so I just went to the Youtubers that have uploaded beyond that.

Between the last 120 chapters our MC does the following:

  • Upgrades his elemental magic to tier 4.
  • Gets a second summoning pet Little Flame Belle.
  • Meets a new vampire waifu.
  • Earns a new set of battle armor forged from the hardened scales of the totem snake.
  • Tacks on more achievements against the Black Vatican.
  • Takes on multiple Undead Generals at the same time and punches an Undead Official across the city with a boosted Tier 5 fire blast (after fusing with his fire elemental).

Honestly the translations are getting worse but the manga is exciting to read.

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