PC Upgrade

After getting the GPU yesterday I couldn't wait to get started on upgrading Johnny's PC.

After cleaning the dust bunnies, I ripped out the old WD blue hard disk and installed a new solid state drive.

Then i carefully inserted the Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super but very soon i discovered that the card was too long with the existing cables. So I yanked all the cables out again and rerouted the SATA data and power cables.

Cable ties!

On the SSD i installed Windows 10 Pro and partitioned 25GB for Ubuntu Desktop.

I tried to use this netting to keep the dust out of the machine but the old roll of tape I had was just rubbish, and the net wouldn't stick to the case. I don't think it'll work as planned so i gave up on the idea.

The temperatures were average. I think i should have gotten more case fans. But seeing as I will only use this machine for a few weeks I didn't think it mattered.

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