Gigabyte GTX1660 Super, Windforce Overclock Edition, 6GB

I can't stand playing games at 480p anymore using a 2009 iGPU. I went out to Mong Kok Computer Centre and bought the Gigabyte GTX1660 Super, Windforce Overclock Edition, 6GB. It's a new card released less than a month ago. It's as good as my main rig's GTX1080 but half the price. It doesn't have the Ray Tracing features of the Nvidia's RTX GPU's but I don't care. The price is good and it'll play any game at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. That's all I need because my display monitors are only 60 Hz anyway.

Created a new problem though - i don't have a carry-on bag big enough to bring it home with me so i might have to find a carry on bag or just wing it with the thing in its original box. I'll go out with my folks to look for something that'll work later.

I spent the better part of the day undressing Johnny's old desktop, rewiring the motherboard and clearing out dust bunnies.

Initial tests reveal a good card. No issues whatsoever.

The GPU set me back HKD$2050 which is around AUD$383 based on current exchange rate of 5.34:1.

Below is what I'm playing with now. I'll eventually take the GPU and SSDs home with me, and i'll format and reinstall Windows 10 to leave a clean system in place.

I'm installing a new game to push the boundaries of the GTX1660 Super. Just Cause 4 should do the job. I'm still easily amused just how fast the internet is in Hong Kong. I'm pretty sure i'm bottlenecked by the Cat 5 cable connecting the rig. It should be 200Mbps but I'm capping out at about 100 Mbps.

It was 7:37pm when i took this screenshot. Only 37 minutes to download 23GB is bloody amazing because I would never see such speeds in Sydney.

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