Kwun Tong, Factory 99

Today I'm meeting my brother in Kwun Tong.

Kwun Tong is mainly an industrial district but recently gentrified into a commercial / residential precinct.

Kwun Tong Plaza

This mall is fairly big.

This store had a massive bear stationed at the front of the store. It's certainly popular with the kids and dating couples.

Factory 99

The restaurant we were meeting at was inside an industrial factory. As rents were expensive many food outlets have been forced to move upstairs instead of being on the street.

We spent a few hours discussing the wedding plans.

Afterwards i went home and spent some time at the grocer.

I found a 500 gram pack of large frozen tiger prawns from Thailand for a decent price. This is as close to the price of fresh farmed tiger prawns from Australia. These were quite tasty!

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