City One & Club One Yum Cha

City One

I went shopping in City One but didn't end up finding what I was looking for. I needed something to keep dust out of my brother's old PC case but they don't seem to sell dust filters in the hardware stores. I ended up looking at other junk.

I went to Maccas for lunch and ironically tried the Angus Combo Meal. The burger was fine but the chips were terrible. They obviously reheated the chips in the microwave. What I didn't know was that Maccas in Hong Kong had tried to recruit young workers using an anime, but that campaign ultimately failed because Chinese graduates don't aspire to work at Maccas.

Plus there is no minimum pay in Hong Kong, so there is no incentive for Maccas to hire younger workers unless it became company policy to hire a younger workforce. An 18 year old worker gets the same money as a 50 year old with qualifications, skills and experience.

Club One Yum Cha

As discussed earlier in the month, Club One is a floating palace on the Shing Mun River and my parents decided to try out Yum Cha here.

I already had Maccas but went along since there was nothing to do.

The food was average. The prices were very high as expected.

Gifts Prepared

All the betrothal gifts are prepared. 14 gift baskets!

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