Mong Kok

Hong Kong always looks grey no matter it is day or night. The sky's just permanently depressing due to air pollution in the atmosphere.

Following a few days of rest, we went to Mong Kok for the day. Mong Kok is a shopping district and famous for several attractions including Ladies Market, Sneaker Street. I'm in favor of the many toy and camera stores in the precinct. I also like going to the Mong Kok Computer Centre.

First up was a gift store to purchase more stuff for my brother's wedding. A few things caught my eye in store, but I didn't want to buy useless junk.

Walked past another Airsoft gun store. Speaking with the store owner, he mentioned that older, compressed air powered Airsoft guns are not worth much money today because of the availability of electronic spring-loaded gel and ball blasters. Milsim war games are popular in Hong Kong after all.

Visited my parent's bank where their safety deposit box was located. The bank had heavy security and was boarded up due to the rioting on the streets. Their windows had been smashed in the previous skirmishes.

Remnants of the damage can still be seen as we walk about Mong Kok.

Finishing the day looking for food at the grocer.

Had a giggle with Woolworths home brand getting its own section like some luxury import.

Later in the evening i discovered that these cans were just 99% apple juice, and about 1 percent for flavoring. Got totally ripped off! I'm better off buying 100% grape juice and mixing it with soda water or lemonade.

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