Dried Seafood & Wan Chai

This is the morning chaos in Sha Tin because the traffic lights are still offline. Commuter traffic do their best at the intersections as the Hong Kong police no longer responds to requests for local traffic management. They are too busy with the riots.

I picked up a phone card for HKD$45 yesterday. This one lets me use unlimited 4G internet for thirty days. If you use Whatsapp you can make calls using unlimited data. But make sure you are using a VPN service in Hong Kong for security reasons.

Our destination today was Wan Chai, which is on Hong Kong Island.

We went to a dried seafood store as recommended by Julia. We needed dried seafood for several gift baskets for my brother's wedding. Dried scallops are also one of my favorite things to put in congee. The drying process intensifies the flavor of the scallop, giving it a beautiful fragrance and taste.

The local architecture is a collection of buildings from different eras of Hong Kong.

Don't see many stray animals or native wild life in Hong Kong. But i'm pretty sure this mouse was poisoned because even the local cat left it alone.

Finished the day with dinner at Julia & Paul's place at Mid-Levels. The view is very good for Hong Kong.

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