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Public property vandalism is pretty severe in Hong Kong right now. Most of it describe political discontent of citizens in the way the Hong Kong Police have handled the protestors. There are even some deaths that citizens have associated the police with. The police denies all responsibility.

This is a section of Nathan Road, where rioters had vandalised the previous night. It's surprising how quickly city workers clean up the mess from the previous night.

Started the day in Mong Kok looking for Chinese fruit baskets for the upcoming wedding. These Mong Kok street markets are nasty but Mum insisted on looking here.

Not long afterwards my parents decided to eat some nasty street food. Gross. They literally cook it in an alley way, and stack the unwashed plates in the street. You don't even sit down for a bite, you just stand on the alley way like some street rat!

After voicing my objections we did stop by a proper cafe. Got myself a Iced Red Bean Milkshake.

Later we went to a mall full of micro-stores. These are usually run by small businesses consisting of 1-2 staff. These partitions are no more than 4 square metres!

I found a micro-store with a fine collection of Airsoft toy guns!

Not being a local in Hong Kong I don't understand the beauty standards for men in the city. Beards were not a common sight in Hong Kong and men were generally clean shaven no matter the age group. I played a game where i would spot a bearded man in Hong Kong and take a picture! Oh what a magnificent beard!

By the end of the day I stopped by an arcade, curious about the prizes offered by a claw-game machine:

We walked the rest of the way home from Shek Mun, passing Club One in the process (previously known as the Star Floating Fortress). It's essentially a Chinese restaurant on a multi-storey river boat. It's very expensive!

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