First Day, No Public Transport

Last night when we arrived in Sha Tin, New Territory and found that the roads were a mess due to the riot activity. The rioters were playing cat and mouse with the police. They ripped up the pavement and deposited bricks on the road. They removed the guard rail to construct barricades. They destroyed traffic lights and vandalised public property.

A police truck was lit on fire outside our estate!

We started with breakfast at a local congee shop. It was nasty.

After breakfast we went to Sha Tin Plaza and discovered that the MTR network was completely shutdown for the first time in recent memory. We didn't see a single bus all morning as KMB buses were not operational, and the taxis were refusing to take passengers due to city wide road closures.

Without public transport we were forced to explore the nearby shopping precincts (which were in no better condition). Sha Tin Plaza was a ghost town because workers were unable to get to work with public transport out of action.

I found a Gunpla store in a local mall. I didn't see many of these stores. Rent is stupidly high in Hong Kong and many toy stores have been forced to sell online.

We discovered Australian confectionary at the local grocery. About 2-3x the prices in Sydney! Hong Kong is one of few places in the world where you can buy anything, so long as you are willing to pay a premium for it.

Found some plushies in a homeware store. These were actually good quality plushies for a cheap price!

This is our home in the New Territory, Hong Kong. It is iconic because it is ugly as sin, right in front of the Shing Mun River.

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