Flight to Hong Kong

Travelling to Hong Kong for the first time in over a decade. The flight was unsurprisingly empty. Nobody wants to go to Hong Kong right now due to the riots. Even Smart Traveller has recommended Australians to delay travel to Hong Kong if possible.

At least it was a beautiful morning in Sydney. We hitched a ride to the airport by private shuttle. Arrived at the airport at 6am.

I tripped the metal detectors because I forgot my boots had steel caps. I also got swabbed by customs for bomb threats. Standard procedure.

The plane departed Sydney with only half capacity. That meant Mum was able to find a middle row to sleep for most of the trip.

I watched a few movies along the way including Lucy, Shaft and the Guardians of the Galaxy 1.

I got two lunch sets! I expected that they would have leftovers with so much of the plane vacant!

The aerial view was interesting on the starboard side of the plane:

The bushfire at Gosper Mountain smoldering in the distance was a bit worrying. The winding river system should be the Colo River:

We flew along the length of the fire front:

Arriving into Hong Kong:

The air pollution was BAD. But i quickly figured out where we were on the map:

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