Recent Games

I cleared Company of Heroes 1 a few weeks ago and just wrapping up the expansions to Company of Heroes 2. I can't believe i never played it despite having bought the games twice on different platforms. Both are great war-based RTS games. I mostly rushed through the story campaigns and they were quite enjoyable.

Finished The Outer Wilds in about 50 hours over the course of a week. All three endings done. Great game.

Completed Vampyr in about 30 hours. One playthrough is enough. It was average.

I started playing In To The Breach but don't like it very much. It's a roguelike strategy game but it's not as fun as Faster Than Light.

I also started on Bard's Tale IV. It's an odd RPG. I'm not sure i will keep playing as it isn't much fun, and to be honest I'm glad i didn't buy it.

I still have to finish levelling in Astellia Online. Again another game I'm not sure I really enjoy. But I can do it at my own pace without worrying about rushing to end game, since there isn't very much to do at end game anyway. This is similar to Eternal Magic where the end game is just grinding hard dungeons or doing dailies.

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