Video Games Addiction Death

A teen has died at his computer after an all-night multiplayer gaming session during the half-term break. The lifeless body of Piyawat Harikun was found by his devastated dad collapsed next to a desk by his bed. The 17-year-old had broken up from classes towards the end of October and then spent nearly all of his free time playing battle games on his PC. His parents said he would stay up all night then draw the curtains in the day to continue his fixation, at the family home in Udon Thani, Thailand. They would take food to his room and urged him to stop, but he refused to curb his obsession. His father Jaranwit went to his bedroom on Monday afternoon and found his son collapsed by the computer chair and slumped against a PC tower on the floor.
Northern Territory News 2019.

The medics called it a stroke. Parents and the media blames video games.

Harder to blame bullying at school, leading their child to escape into fantasy worlds. With no support at home its not hard to see a pattern. Dad works with the airforce, mum probably works long hours.

Video games aren't off the hook, however it isn't the cause of death. Video games excel at creating positive feedback loops, and this then causes the brain to release dopamine, which gives us intense joy, pleasure or satisfaction.

Over long periods of time the body adjusts to the elevated levels of dopamine which is why we have to strife to do better next time to get that intense high or an epic win.

That's why the WHO keep labelling video games as addictions because we follow a similar pattern to alcoholics, gambling or drug addicts.

The cause of death is a stroke, which is caused by a blood clot. The risk increases when you sit in a chair for long hours, drink no water (soda drinks don't count as fluids), and game in your bedroom with no sunlight or ventilation.

The risk of stroke is further increased during times of elevated heart rate. We get heightened heart rate during an adrenaline rush. This temporarily increases our alertness and reflexes, which is mighty useful for battle orientated games like fortnite, overwatch and call of duty. Adrenalin rushes stress your heart and body. Doing it too often causes heart failure.

There's a heap of research now into the effects of video gaming. It's worth reading if you are a parent and don't mind reading scientific or medical journals.

The only thing that hasn't changed over the decades is the speed in which parents and the media blamed video games for everything.

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