Website Update

For the past year I've refused to blog on my website for various reasons, but mainly fear and privacy concerns.

It has gotten me in trouble in the past, but it has been a place of personal comfort as I can spell out my frustrations and create a sense of order among the chaos.

With travel plans coming up I wanted to have a place to document my discoveries, photographs and thoughts similar to what i did the last time I was home in Hong Kong. Maybe I'll create a new page just for Hong Kong 2019?

I will reintegrate journal.html and archives.html with the website, but the plan is not to combine them at index.html. Only I would know of the full site map, and i guess anyone bored enough to look at the source code of my website.

The migration of old projects and game pages to the new layout will continuing too. I also want one for media. I nearly forgot I had started the process of migrating projects.html to work.html!


At the start of the year I went with the Diaro method because of convenience, but after a year of usage i've discovered that it is not backwards compatible, or as easy to backup as I imagined.

When my phone dies, it'll be a hassle to migrate it across to my website, and I never know when the company responsible for the app may stop development altogether. At least having it on my own website I have full control of the content and code!

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