Moving Posts to Diaro App

I started blogging a different way using an app called Diaro.

It honestly saves me a lot of time using the app, rather than sitting down to publish an article on my website. I've been blogging on/off since 2000 as a means to sorting out my thoughts, and whilst publishing to a website has its merits, the downside is that it takes a lot of time and dedication. Time is a luxury today and it is much quicker using an app than publishing to the website.

If you do go down this route however, I do recommend you take some time to read up on the terms and conditions of any apps you use, look at the pricing structure as many apps are now dependent on advertising for revenue, and some have gone down the Software-as-a-Service route (which comes with a subscription plan). I went through half a dozen of the top apps on the Android store before settling with Diaro. Free is not the best option if you value your privacy.

Also look at apps that have backup/restore/syncing to cloud functionality, and some method of extracting your information should you choose to go to a different phone/app down the line.

2019, journal