No Purchases From Steam Summer Sales

Bought nothing this year from Steam. I'm shocked! This used to be my favorite time of the year! This used to be a bad time for my credit balance, as it cries out in pain when I purchase a large number of PC games to add to the back log.

This year I didn't feel much enthusiasm for the sale. Only a few odd games on my wish list that was at 75% discount, however overall I'm a little disinterested with buying more games I would probably never have time to play, or disk space to install.

Final Fantasy XV is over 100GB. Why is it so big? It would take days to download at 25Mbps and that would also be assuming that I have up to 200GB on the SSD to install it. It's way too big of a game!!

Plus BFA is a huge deterrent. I'm playing WoW on most week nights, so there isn't time for other games, let alone sleep, adult responsibilities and chores.

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