Cooking: Chocolate Brownies

One of these days I will write a cook book as I have no other means to record my cooking notes. I am regularly making chocolate brownies at home, as it is enormously satisfying to do, and for relatively little amount of work.

They also cost a lot of money at the cafes in Sydney, so being able to make the kind of chocolate brownies I enjoy (on the cheap) is a bonus.

Most online recipes suggest raw ingredients but I'm lazy. The supermarkets sell the 500gram pre-mix between $3-6. I've not noticed any difference between the cheap and expensive brands. The current brand I'm using is called Blue Ribbon. They are typically in the middle of the range in terms of cost per kilogram.

A single batch will last me a few weeks. A nibble at small pieces to get the sugar rush. Also don't kid yourself. It will make you fat if you eat the whole tray in one sitting!

This is my current procedure:


A box of chocolate brownie premix
120ml of rice bran oil (or melted butter if you can be bothered)
5ml of water
2 raw eggs
A pinch of sea salt


Drop the premix into a large bowl
Mix the ingredients with a large wooden spoon
The final mix will have high viscosity and resistant to deformation, 
but if you work hard it will mix together! 
Prepare an aluminium tray and line it with baking paper
Grease the baking paper
Use a small silicone-coated spatulas in place of the large wooden spoon to get the mixture out of the bowl 
The batter will stubbornly grip to the large wooden spoon, so a silicone or plastic spatula with less 
surface area and friction will be much easier to work with 
Try to spread the mix evenly in the tray
Do not be tempted to eat the mix as it contains raw eggs, and this could lead to salmonella poisoning


Pre-heat a fan-forced oven (this is what we have) to 170 degrees Celsius
Chuck the baking tray into the oven for 27 minutes
After 27 minutes, open the oven and check the brownies with a long toothpick 
If only a little bit of chocolate stick to it, then it is ready
If it is bone dry, the oven is too hot and you have over cooked
If the stick snaps instead of poking through the surface, you have got yourself a chocolate cookie
Do not go over 30 minutes
DO NOT GO OVER 35 minutes
Remove brownies from the oven and let it cool/rest

I prefer eating it after it has cooled down. I like the sensation as i chomp on the crusty surface & fudgey chocolate brownie.

Sugar is a natural food preservative. It won't spoil. Just place it in a cool, dry and air tight box.

2018, journal